03 Aug 2018, 13:49 WIB

Investor Release PT MNC Studios International TBK (“MSIN”) 3 August 2018

Jakarta, Indonesia – 3 August 2018

Summary of Financial Results H1-2018

- For H1-2018, MSI booked a revenue of Rp739.5 Billion, an impressive 45% YoY increase compared to H1- 2017 at Rp510.5 Billion. Reflecting growth in all operating segments with significant contributions from content and advertisement which surged by 110% YoY.

- Direct cost up by 36% YoY to Rp527.9 Billion in 2018 from Rp388.6 Billion in 2017. The increase in revenue is much higher compared to the increase in direct cost as the Company continuesto benefit from economies of scale.

- Gross profit also increased significantly by 74% YoY to Rp211.6 Billion in 2018 from Rp121.9 Billion last year representing a gross profit margin of 29% from previously 24% in H1-2017.

- The Company has booked an astounding EBITDA, which has grown by 83% to Rp175.5 Billion from Rp95.7 Billion in the previous year. In H1-2018, MSIN EBITDA margin stood at 24%

- Net income rose by 64% YoY in 2018 to Rp114.1 Billion compared to Rp69.7 billion last year, representing a net income margin of 15%.


The Company consistent effort in delivering high quality programs has yet again reflected on its H1-2018 financial results, which is on track to achieve or may even exceed its full year target. With this in mind, entering the second semester of 2018, look for MSIN to achieve an even glittering performance as it will start to produce 2-3 additional programs for RCTI and MNCTV, which will contribute substantially to our top line and create great margin.

All of the drama series programs produced by MNC Pictures, a wholly owned subsidiary of MSIN, outperformed its expectation and majority ranked among the top ten highest rating programs. Two of our finest drama series titled “Cinta yang Hilang” (TVR 6 & audience share 23.7%) and “Dunia Terbalik” (TVR 5.6 & audience share 24.9%) have performed exceptionally well by consistently going head to head for top position on the top 10 drama series in July and still going strong.

Following the successful completion of our new production house set-up under Asia Media Productions, the Company is set to further drive up its production and library comprising of gameshow and reality show. Moreover, notable programs that have successfully aired on GTV are “Uang Kaget”, ”Bedah Rumah”, and “Rombak Warung”. MSIN will continuously seek to pursue more joint ventures or even acquisitions in the future to strategically position the Company for further growth.

Comments from Ella Kartika, President Director of MSIN:

“In the midst of the evolving and increasingly borderless media landscape, MSIN is purely focused on delivering sustainable growth over the long term. We continue to be tremendously consistent in bringing top rated drama series, which has proved yet again by leading on the Top 10 Drama Series throughout Ramadan, both in Primetime and Sahur. We are strongly executing our strategic imperatives to maintain our market position, strengthen our business fundamental to ensure best in its class and expand for scale and growth. Moving forward, not only will we continue to benefit from our top drama series production, but we will also aim for higher production volume of content for pay TV channels and web series on social media platforms as well as pushing the monetization of our content library. Given these points, MSIN will continue to cement its place as the largest content company in Indonesia as the Company is fully equipped with all the capacity required to maximize its content production potential”.


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