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Jakarta, Indonesia - 1 April 2019


MSIN has recorded 73.5% YoY (audited) net income growth for FY-2018. 

Financial Highlights of Audited FY-2018 Results

PT MNC Studios International Tbk (“MSIN” or “the Company”) has recorded audited revenue of Rp1,510 billion in FY-2018, up by 35.7% YoY from the previous year at Rp1,112 billion. Reflecting growth in all operating segments with significant contributions from content revenue which surged by 74.9% YoY.

- Consolidated revenue growth was made possible mainly derived by the increasing supply of content to MNCN 4 FTA TV during primetime and non-primetime and also supported by nontraditional revenue streams such as built-in advertising and virtual advertising. Each of this advertising monetization initiatives are growing rapidly and beneficial for both the TV stations and production house.

- Content revenue in FY-2018 has increased significantly to Rp1,715 billion before elimination representing an impressive 74.9% growth YoY from Rp980.2 billion in FY-2017.

- Our extensive content production units managed to improve its production capacity vastly. 

- Drama series production increased by 27% to 3,296 hours from 2,610 hours in 2017, representing 32% market share.

- Infotainment production increased by 8% to 1,030 hours from 954 hours in 2017, representing 26% market share.

- The Company’s reality and game show production produced 508 hours of programs, representing 28% market share.-

- The Company also enjoys revenue streams from sales of the pay channels to pay-TV platforms and content licensing to regional OTT players. We believe content holds massive potentials for growth and MSIN is very invested in strengthening the content business.

- Digital revenue for FY-2018 booked a staggering increase of 6772% YoY to Rp44.4 billion from last year of Rp646 million. The initiatives to maximize the utilization of digital advertising has taken into effect in 2018. The figures will continue to grow exponentially in the coming years, as the Company produces all of its content in-house and has the capacity to deliver all forms of content, including web series and other short form content for digital platforms.

- The expansion of the Company’s production capacity resulted in an increase in MSIN’s direct cost by 19.7% YoY to Rp1,059 billion from Rp884.5 billion in the prior year period, which is far below the growth in the Company’s top line.

- EBITDA for FY-2018 grew strongly by 100% to Rp336.8 billion from Rp168.4 billion last year, this represents 22.3% EBITDA margin for 2018 as opposed to 15.1% EBITDA margin in 2017.

- Net income rose by 73.5% YoY in 2018 to Rp210.8 billion compared to Rp121.5 billion last year, representing a net income margin of 14%.

Comments from Ella Kartika, President Director of MSIN:  

"We are pleased to see the Company performed very well in 2018, outperforming the overall market situation. MSIN took the advantage of captive markets as a result of the increasing of local content on MNCN FTA TV, in which the Company became the sole supplier for local drama series, television films, reality shows and infotainment programs. Moreover, with a solid production infrastructure, we have managed to expand the business outside the group by providing content to various digital platforms, including social media. We believe that in 2019 we will continue to achieve strong revenue, EBITDA, and net income growth just like we did in 2018."

Table 1. Summary of Key Financial Performances FY-2018 (Audited)

Table 2. Top 10 Drama Series YTD February 2019


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